ISO 19103:2015 Geographic information - Conceptual schema language

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Full name ISO 19103:2015, Geographic information - Conceptual schema language
Version Edition 1 (but replacing ISO/TS 19103:2005)
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211
Languages English
Online overview
Derived ontologies

Type of standard ISO International Standard

Meta-meta level

Application ISO 19103 specifies rules and guidelines for the use of UML, the preferred Conceptual Schema Language (CSL) in the ISO/TC 211 suite of standards. The ISO/TC 211 suite of standards aims to create a framework in which data interchange and service interoperability can be achieved across multiple implementation environments. The adoption and consistent use of a CSL is fundamental to achieving this goal because it allows the specification of unambiguous schemas, which form the basis for data interchange and definition.

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  • ISO/TC 211 UML Best Practices, a collection of best practices for modelling geographic information in UML, and to make the models understandable for both machines and humans.