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Full name Well known binary (WKB), defined in ISO/IEC 13249-3:2016, Information technology - Database language - SQL multimedia and application packages Part 3: Spatial
Version Edition 4
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32, Data management and interchange
Languages English
Online overview https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso-iec:13249:-3:ed-5:v1:en
Type of standard ISO International Standard

Application level

Application WKB is defined in ISO/IEC 13249-3:2011. WKB is a hexadecimal encoding that can be used to define geometry. Geometries are expressed as a stream of bytes that is not human readable. The type of geometry is specified followed by the coordinates of the nodes.
Implementation benefits In ISO 19125-2:2004 Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 2: SQL option, WKB is an option of describing geometries. This is an optimal format for databases, since the geometry is expressed as a stream of bytes and can easily be exchanged. However, the encoding does not support any analysis, such as measurements.

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