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Standards for the Acquisition and Maintenance of Fundamental Geo-Spatial Datasets


This wiki is provided step-wise as a draft by the ICA Commission on SDI and Standards ( Based on the document "Guidelines of Best Practice for the Acquisition, Storage, Maintenance and Dissemination of Fundamental Geo-­‐Spatial Datasets", edited by Derek Clarke (Derek [dot] clarke [at] drdlr [dot] and contains background information on geo-spatial standardization. A standard and different types of standards are defined; the development and implementation of standards are described; and key standards bodies for fundamental geo-spatial datasets are introduced. The second part of the chapter introduces standards relevant for acquiring and maintaining fundamental geo-spatial datasets. An overview of a number of standards for geo-spatial data formats is provided; standards for data product specifications, data quality, quality assurance, hydrographical surveys and data models for fundamental geo-spatial datasets are described; and finally, a brief overview is provided of standards that one should be aware of when procuring or using products and tools for the acquisition and maintenance of geo-spatial datasets.

Standards for the acquisition and maintenance of fundamental geo-spatialdatasets

Standards for dissemination of fundamental geo-spatial datasets


The original document was edited by Derek Clarke with contributions of Serena Coetzee, Antony Cooper and Victoria Rautenbach.

The contribution of Sajani Joshi MSc and Tanzeel Ur Rehman Khan for the creation of the wiki are gratefully acknowledged.

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