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| Full name
| Full name
| [http://iho.int/iho_pubs/draft_pubs/S-58_e5.0.0/Draft_S-58_ENC_Validation_Checks_e5.0.0.pdf S-58 IHO Recommended ENC validation checks]
| [http://iho.int/iho_pubs/draft_pubs/S-58_e5.0.0/Draft_S-58_ENC_Validation_Checks_e5.0.0.pdf S-58, IHO Recommended ENC validation checks]
| Version
| Version

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Full name S-58, IHO Recommended ENC validation checks
Version Edition 5.0.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by IHO
Languages English
Online overview http://iho.int/iho_pubs/draft_pubs/S-58_e5.0.0/Draft_S-58_ENC_Validation_Checks_e5.0.0.pdf
Type of standard IHO Recommendation
Instance level
Application S-57 recommends the validation checks which producers of validation tools for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) should implement in their software. S-58 replaces S-57 IHO transfer standard for digital hydrographic data Edition 3.1.0.
Conformance classes None specified
Implementation benefits ENC software validates that data are conformant with the IHO S-57 ENC product specification. Conformance violations are labelled as either an error or as a warning. This is important to ensure that the correct ENC is produced and that the software is implemented according to the same standard.
Products S-58 should be implemented by all ENC applications.

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