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Full name S-57, IHO transfer standard for digital hydrographic data
Version Edition 3.1.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by IHO
Languages English
Online overview http://www.iho.int/iho_pubs/standard/S57Ed3.1/31Main.pdf
Type of standard IHO International Standard

Application level

Related standard(s) ISO/IEC 8211:1994, Information technology — Specification for a data descriptive file for information interchange.
Application S-57 describes the requirements for exchange of digital hydrographical data between national hydrographical offices and for its distribution to manufacturers, mariners and other data users. All hydrographical data should adhere to the specifications set out in S-57.
Implementation benefits S-57 describes a data model and data structure to be followed to ensure that data are interoperable between hydrographical offices.