OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification

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Full name OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification
Version V3.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by OGC
Languages English
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard and OpenGIS Implementation Specification
Application level
Application Catalogue services support the ability to publish and search collections of descriptive information (metadata) for data, services, and related information objects. The OGC Catalogue Services Specification defines the requirements for the interface and bindings to realise these functionalities. This specification includes an HTTP protocol binding, called the Catalogue Services for the Web (CSW).
Conformance classes None specified
Implementation benefits Catalogue services are an important aspect of most spatial data infrastructures (SDI). It allows the client to search and discover data and associated services. The catalogue service relies on metadata of the data and service.
Products The geoportal of an SDI is commonly an example of a catalogue service. A proprietary catalogue service implementation is the Esri Geoportal Server 1.2.5.

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