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| Full name
| Full name
|OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard
|[http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/geopackage OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard]
| Version
| Version

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Full name OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard
Version V 1.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by OGC
Languages English
Online overview http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/geopackage
Type of standard OpenGIS Implementation Specification

Application level

Related standard(s) ISO/IEC 9075-11:2011, Information technology -- Database languages -- SQL -- Part 11:Information and Definition Schemas (SQL/Schemata) ISO 19125-2:2004, Geographic information – Simple feature access – Part 2: SQL option
Application This OGC encoding standard defines GeoPackage for exchange and GeoPackage SQLite extension for direct access of vector and raster images for enterprise production platform and mobile hand-held devices. A GeoPackage is a platform independent SQLite database file comprising of the data and metadata tables. The extended GeoPackage allows the addition of any data elements or SQL constructs outside of this encoding standard.