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Standards for the Acquisition and Maintenance of Fundamental Geo-Spatial Datasets


This wiki is provided step-wise as a draft by the ICA Commission on SDI and Standards ( Based on the document "Guidelines of Best Practice for the Acquisition, Storage, Maintenance and Dissemination of Fundamental Geo-­‐Spatial Datasets", edited by Derek Clarke (Derek [dot] clarke [at] drdlr [dot] and contains background information on geo-spatial standardization. A standard and different types of standards are defined; the development and implementation of standards are described; and key standards bodies for fundamental geo-spatial datasets are introduced. The second part of the chapter introduces standards relevant for acquiring and maintaining fundamental geo-spatial datasets. An overview of a number of standards for geo-spatial data formats is provided; standards for data product specifications, data quality, quality assurance, hydrographical surveys and data models for fundamental geo-spatial datasets are described; and finally, a brief overview is provided of standards that one should be aware of when procuring or using products and tools for the acquisition and maintenance of geo-spatial datasets.

Standards for the acquisition and maintenance of fundamental geo-spatialdatasets

Standards for dissemination of fundamental geo-spatial datasets


The contribution of the following people for the creation of the wiki are gratefully acknowledged:

  • Sajani Joshi MSc
  • Tanzeel Ur Rehman Khan

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