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This group of standards provides the infrastructure for further standardization of geographic information:

  • ISO 19101-1:2014, Geographic information -- Reference model, describes the standardization environment within which the standardization of geographic information is expected to take place.
  • The OGC Abstract Specification references many ISO standards and provides a reference model for the development of OGC Implementation Standards.
  • OGC Reference Model describes the OGC Standards Baseline, i.e. the approved OGC Abstract and Implementation Standards and OGC Best Practice documents (informative documents).
  • ISO 19104, Geographic information -- Terminology, lays out a methodology for defining the terms needed in the area of geographic information.
  • ISO 19103:2015, Geographic information -- Conceptual schema language, identifies the conceptual schema language selected for characterization of geographic information and describes how that language is to be used.
  • ISO 19105:2000, Geographic information -- Conformance and testing, specifies general principles for describing how geographic information products and services are expected to conform to the standards developed by ISO/TC 211.
  • ISO 19106:2004, Geographic information -- Profiles, specifies how profiles of the ISO/TC 211 standards are to be structured.

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