ISO 19150-3 Geographic information - Ontology - Part 3: Semantic operators

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Full name ISO 19150-3, Geographic information – Ontology - Part 3: Semantic operators
Version Project not initiated
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by Not published
Languages English
Online overview None
Type of standard ISO International Standard
meta level
Related standard(s) ISO/TS 19150-1:2012, Geographic information – Ontology – Part 1: Framework
Application Semantic operators will support reasoning and inference which will lead to a wide range of possibilities related to interoperability: data discovery, query answering, geographic data integration, and composition of geographic data with data from other sources and domains.
Conformance classes None
Fundamental geospatial dataset None


ISO 19150-3
  • Intended to define semantic proximity operators between concepts associated with geometric and temporal representations;
  • To complement the current suites of geometric and temporal operators already defined in ISO 19107 (Geographic information - Spatial schema), ISO 19108 (Geographic information - Temporal schema), ISO 19125-1 (Geographic information - Simple feature access – Part 1: Common access), and ISO 19141 (Geographic information - Schema for moving features).

Implementation benefits

  • To be developed

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