ISO 19150-3 Geographic information - Ontology - Part 3: Semantic operators

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Full name ISO 19150-3, Geographic information -- Ontology - Part 3: Semantic operators
Version Project not initiated
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by Not published
Languages English
Online overview None
Type of standard ISO International Standard
meta level
Application Semantic operators will support reasoning and inference which will lead to a wide range of possibilities related to interoperability: data discovery, query answering, geographic data integration, and composition of geographic data with data from other sources and domains.
Conformance classes None
Fundamental geospatial dataset None


ISO 19150-3

  • Intended to define semantic proximity operators between concepts associated with geometric and temporal representations;
  • To complement the current suites of geometric and temporal operators already defined in ISO 19107 (Geographic information - Spatial schema), ISO 19108 (Geographic information - Temporal schema), ISO 19125-1 (Geographic information - Simple feature access – Part 1: Common access), and ISO 19141 (Geographic information - Schema for moving features).

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