ISO 19143:2010 Geographic information - Filter encoding

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Full name ISO 19143:2010, Geographic information – Filter encoding (also published as OpenGIS Filter Encoding 2.0 Encoding Standard)
Version ISO: Edition 1
OGC: V2.0.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211 and OGC
Languages English, French
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard and OpenGIS Implementation Specification
Application level
Application ISO 19143 describes XML and Key-Value Pairs (KVP) encodings of a system-neutral syntax for expressing projections, selections and sorting clauses, collectively called a query expression.
Conformance classes Query
Ad-hoc Query
Resource Identification
Minimum Standard Filter
Standard Filter
Minimum Spatial Filter
Spatial Filter
Minimum Temporal Filter
Temporal Filter
Version navigation
Extended Operators
Minimum XPath
Schema Element Function
Implementation benefits Filter Encoding (FE) describes XML and KVP encodings for expressing filters for spatial queries to select a subset of features based on specific attributes. FE is used in conjunction with other standards and thus allows a client to, for example, create a map using a WMS that only shows residential areas.
Products FE is implemented in conjunction with other services, such as WMS or WFS. An open source examples of an implementation of FE is OpenGeo Suite 4.1.1.

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