ISO 19142:2010 Geographic information - Web Feature Service

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Full name ISO 19142:2010, Geographic information – Web Feature Service (also published as OpenGIS Web Feature Service Implementation Specification)
Version ISO: Edition 2
OGC: V2.0.0
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211 and OGC
Languages English, French
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard and OpenGIS Implementation Specification
Application level
Related standard(s) ISO 19119:2016, Geographic information – Services
ISO 19128:2005, Geographic information – Web Map Server interface
OpenGIS Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard OpenGIS Catalogue Services Specification
Application ISO 19142 describes the interface for a Web Feature Service (WFS). WFS allow a client to access and perform transactions on geographic features independent of the underlying data store. These WFS implementations allow clients to edit geographic features online and store the changes to the underlying data store.
Conformance classes Simple WFS
Basic WFS
Transactional WFS
Locking WFS
Implementation benefits WFS allow a client to retrieve features or values of features (attribute data) from an underlying data store, and also to access the features to modify or delete features. With WFS the data can be stored in any database or as a shapefile on a server, for example, and the same operations can be performed on the data. This allows the user to query and edit data without having to consider the format of the data.
Products deegree 3.3 is an example of an OGC compliant open source implementation of the WFS interface.