ISO 19137:2007 Geographic information - Core profile of the spatial schema

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Full name ISO 19137:2007, Geographic information – Core profile of the spatial schema
Version Edition 1
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211
Languages English, French
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard
Meta level
Related standard(s) ISO 19107:2003, Geographic information – Spatial schema
ISO 19108:2002, Geographic information – Temporal schema
ISO 19109:2015, Geographic information – Rules for application schema
ISO 19111:2007, Geographic information -- Spatial referencing by coordinates
ISO 19118:2011, Geographic information – Encoding
ISO 19136:2007, Geographic information -- Geography Markup Language (GML)
Application ISO 19137 defines a set of profiles of the spatial schema to provide a minimal set of geometric elements necessary for an efficient creation of application schemata. These profiles include components from ISO 19107, ISO 19108, ISO 19109 and ISO 19118.
Conformance classes Data types for 0-dimensional geometry
Data types for 1-dimensional geometry
Data types for 2-dimensional geometry
Implementation benefits The intent of ISO 19137 is to provide a smaller subset of the numerous classes available in ISO 19107 in order to simplify some applications of spatial schemas. ISO 19137 supports many of the spatial data formats and description languages already developed and in broad use within several nations or liaison organisations. ISO 19137 also clarifies the corresponding encoding rules in ISO 19118.
Products The concepts from ISO 19137 drive the development of applications, such as Esri ArcGIS and Quantum GIS.