ISO 19131:2007 Geographic information - Data product specifications

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Full name ISO 19131:2007, Geographic information – Data product specifications.
Version Edition 1
Amendments ISO 19131:2007/Amd 1:2011
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211
Languages English, French
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard

Meta level.

Related standard(s) ISO 19115:2003, Geographic information -- Metadata
Application The standard is essentially the inverse of ISO 19115 and uses the metadata concepts,elements and entities in ISO 19115. ISO 19131 describes what the user wants (datasets,services, etc.) – the product specification – in a structured way so that it can be compared directly to the metadata of candidate offerings or used to create a new product that meets the specification.


Data product specification sections

Mandatory items Item details.


ISO 19131:2007 describes requirements for the specification of geographic data products, based upon the concepts of other ISO 19100 International Standards. It also provides help in the creation of data product specifications, so that they are easily understood and fit for their intended purpose.

Implementation benefits

ISO 19131:2007 describes in a structured way what the user wants, that is, the specification of the product required. While aimed primarily at specifying required datasets, the standard can also be used to specify services and other geospatial products. The standard is essentially the inverse of ISO 19115:2003 and uses the concepts and metadata elements and entities in ISO 19115:2003. Hence, it means that one can compare a product specification directly and in detail with the metadata of candidate offerings.As the specification and metadata are both structured and contain many encoded elements,much of the matching can be done automatically, to filter out candidates that do not meet the specification. Candidate products can be obtained from within a user’s domain, but also from elsewhere. Hence, even an expert user might not be aware of possible sources for suitable products. This powerful capability enables of the ISO 19115:2003 and ISO 19131:2007 combination to filter out suitable candidates automatically.

An ISO 19131:2007 product specification can also be used to guide the development of a new product that meets the specification, and for others needing a similar product to see if the proposed product will also meet their needs. In South Africa, for example, the Committee for Spatial Information.(CSI) is using ISO 19131:2007 for developing the form to be used by data custodians for informing the CSI of their planned data capture programmes, such as for aerial photography.

Implementation guidelines