ISO 19111:2007 Geographic information - Spatial referencing by coordinates

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Full name ISO 19111:2007, Geographic information – Spatial referencing by coordinates
Version Edition 2
Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211
Languages English, French
Online overview
Type of standard ISO International Standard
Meta level
Related standard(s) ISO 19108:2002, Geographic information – Temporal schema
ISO/IEC 18026:2009 Information technology -- Spatial Reference Model (SRM)
Application ISO 19111 defines the conceptual schema for the description of spatial referencing by coordinates, optionally extended to spatio-temporal referencing, used in geographic information systems and on maps and charts to store and depict geographic information.
Conformance classes Coordinate reference systems
Coordinate operations between two coordinate reference systems
Implementation benefits Coordinates are vague until the system to which they relate is fully defined. ISO 19111 defines a conceptual schema for describing coordinate reference systems. The schema allows interoperability of the coordinate reference system. It also assists in the development of applications that allow the transformation of coordinates.
Products The concepts from ISO 19111 are implemented commonly in GIS software packages.