ISO 19101-1:2014 Geographic information - Reference model - Part 1: Fundamentals

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Full name ISO 19101:2002, Geographic information – Reference model

ISO 19101-1:2014, Geographic information – Reference ]model – Part 1: Fundamentals

Version Edition 1

Edition 1

Amendments None
Corrigenda None
Published by ISO/TC 211
Languages English
Online overview

Type of standard ISO/TC 211
Type of standard ISO International Standard

Meta-meta level

Related standard(s) ISO 19101-2:2008, Geographic information -- Reference model -- Part 2: Imagery
Application Geographic information standardization is a large and complex field that requires a reference model to ensure an integrated and consistent approach.ISO 19101 defines a reference model of the requirements for standardization and the fundamental principles that apply in developing and using standards for geographic information. This reference model was established in ISO 19101 as a guide to structuring geographic information standards that facilitate the use of digital geographic information.ISO 19101-1:2014 replaces ISO 19101:2002, but the latter is still available as it is still normatively referenced in many standards.